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    eHax Rules

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:01 pm

    1. Team Size
    Teams must have a minimum team size of 4 and a maximum of 7, when drafting/signing free agents.

    2. Game Rules
    Games are played on 3v3, and the big map.
    Games are 7 minutes with 2 halves( 2x7 min ).

    3. Substitutions
    The team captains are allowed to make substitutions between goals, at half time, and when the game is paused due to lag (games must not be paused to prevent goals or give any advantage to either team).

    4. Replay Submission
    Both teams should record the game (incase one disconnects midgame and loses rec), these recordings should be put onto the 'results & fixtures' thread. Failing to do so will result in both teams replaying the match.

    5. Using Unfair Assistance
    Macros, scripts and anything else that will give you an advantage over other Haxball players is not allowed. If a player is judged to have used anything that gives them an unfair advantage, they will be banned from the league and their team will face further punishment.

    Incase of a player faking another player (impersonating), that player will be banned for a period of time from league games, and the offending team will receive further punishment.

    6. Postponing Games
    You can postpone a game using a wildcard, you have 6 per season, so use them wisely.

    7. Community Rules
    Be respectful to everyone. People come here to relax and play some Haxball and don't want to see drama.

    Players who show abusive behaviour, insults, racism etc. will be punished and eventually banned.

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