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    Season 4 Preview


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    Season 4 Preview

    Post by jerix on Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:50 pm

    Note: all interviews are with the captains of each team.
    Canucks, probably the best team on paper, after their emphatic victory in the pre-season cup, I'm sure they'll be full with confidence. After picking a very a talented squad, Skinny's aim will be to do anything other than lose the league. Skinny's first pick was none other than mr Styl himself. The all-time top scorer of eHax will look to carry on his reign at the top with Canucks this season. Other picks include Tsubasa, aszy and the jew, who have all impressed in previous seasons shall all join forces to (probably) win the league. Skinny's last two picks include of Jovetic & Atom - who are pretty inactive and I'm sure wouldn't get much game time either way.
    Hashtag United
    The Doctor
    bruma jaa
    After losing to Canucks in the pre-season cup final, jelly's team will be looking to bounce back in the league. In my opinion, jelly picked an extremely solid team, with depth in most areas. Flashin' was a pretty safe first pick, even if he has just comeback from a mini-break, proving that he's still a great player by his performances in the pre-season cup. Other picks include of, Buffon, who I believe to be #'s downfall this season, with his shitty rage in the pre-season cup final. Bruma jaa, The Doctor & R7 make up jelly's other picks, me myself not knowing too much about them, maybe they'll prove themselves in the forthcoming season (if jelly plays them).
    What will be your main strength for the forthcoming season?
    it will be for sure shooting
    What is your ambition this season?

    to become on 2nd or 3rd place and playing good with my players

    After Buffon rage quitting mid-way through the final of the pre-season cup, how will you manage him?
    i will try to play with him very calm and if he rq one more time i will do smth about it

    Netflix & Chill

    B4D 4SS
    A few trades here and there, and I think that Unlocked has finally got his team for this season. Picking MeteRespito as his first pick (whoever the duck that is), but with inactivity he soon traded him for an active B4D 4SS off SD. Dinx & Tigre are also great players, as we've seen from recent seasons, they both seemed to link up well in the pre-season cup too, looking like a dominant threat in attack. However, I do feel this team lacks some sort of defence. Having seen pear go in goals in cup, he seems to be NC's first choice at the back.
    What are your aims this season?
    our aims are midtable, 4th or 3th. It's my first season as a captain and we have a pretty good team, so I think we can do it
    You seem to lack a GK or some type of defender, how will you solve this?

    pear is great talent, and is improving a lot, he will play as a gk. We also have B4D 4SS, he is a very good player with a lot of experience, and he can also play gk. He will mainly play outfield though.

    Who will be your main attacking threat this season?

    Dinx, he is a great attacker and is still improving. He has a strong chemistry with every other player in the team.

    One of the many dutchies in this league, Tolisso has picked a mix of old and new players. SZ's first pick, Kratos, was traded within 2 days, with aMp. After two successful seasons with Baby Kicks, aMp is looking to bring back his old form, with a terrible season with Baby Kicks last season. Tolisso also picks myself, probably to be our main GK for the season, as well as the Dutch duo of Blade & Oscar, who impressed massively in the pre-season cup. Bra is also a decent player, coming back into haxball after a few years out.
    Do you have hopes to win the league this season?
    Yes I have. I feel like we can win this season because we have a strong team and we are prepared to fight for the title.
    After coming last in Group A in the pre-season cup, is there anyway you're going to change your team for the league?
    I can not know that. But I've made some changes to the team. Gokhan exchanged for Bra. Now that we have 2 keepers, everyone can play time in their position and drive motivation. We lost Hashtag United but I feel we can handle them.
    Who do you think your main player(s) are going to be this season?
    I think Oscar will surprise everyone this season. In his previous team, he did not get a playing time, so he could not prove himself. Now that he has playing time he will show much of his talent. But I would not be surprised if Blade and aMp did well.
    South Dragons
    The team that got the  fewest points in the pre-season cup, and will be more disappointed in themselves than anything. But, Puma has had a tricky time keeping players, therefore exchanging them with others. B4D 4SS was SD's first pick, but has since been traded to NC for Kitrex. Kitrex himself is a very fine GK with a lot of potential, I just feel he needs more confidence to play a major role in SD's chances in the league. Other picks come with Nub & Can, who have proved they're very good players, especially Nub. Who I feel can play a vital role for SD. Skizar & Foreigner were also both traded to the team, believing they'll get a lack of game time with their original clubs.

    Keeping players seems like a major problem for you, what happened?

    The players just do not want to play for me anymore, because my team was shit
    You've traded in alot of players, with not that much time to prepare. Will this affect how your team performs?
    I think it will make itself felt. Because I have trades done which I now regret. My team is not the best but i think if we have a good teamplay we can reach better places

    Who will be your main player(s) this season?

    That's a good question. If Mete is active, he will play with nub in any case and st can or skizar.
    ★тнє υℓтιмαтє★
    Last seasons eHax league champions.. WANTED. After a great start to last season, WANTED eventually went on to win the league. Nocke looked to pick a very strong team, with ★тнє υℓтιмαтє★ repeating another season with WANTED. Nocke traded Kratos for aMp, Kratos too played under Nocke last season, winning the league. Kratos also looks to keep his cleansheet record from last season. Other picks include of aprendiz & Hunter, I'm pretty surprised aprendiz wasn't picked earlier tbh, after having a half decent spell with Meh Squirrel last season. Hunter also look good from pre-season cup matches. Other trades include Gokhan from SZ, and an inactive Tree.

    What are your hopes for this season?

    Well, my hopes aren't that strong this season, since there are better teams in my opinion this season than the last seaason, with the likes of Canucks and Netflix & Chill. I do hope we can retain it, though.

    What do you think your main strengths will be this season?

    Most likely the fact that I have got the same players that won the league with me, Kratos and Ulti. So, teamwork and the fact that I get along pretty well with them.

    Finally, do you think Kratos could retain the cleansheet title, after having a solid defence last season?
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    Re: Season 4 Preview

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    really nice preview, harry keep up the good work Wink


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    Re: Season 4 Preview

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    Re: Season 4 Preview

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