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    Interview with Nocke!


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    Interview with Nocke!

    Post by Lyreco on Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:08 pm

    Lyreco: Hello Nocke, how is your day?

    Nocke: Good, good. I really feel ecstatic that eHax has become a thing again. How about you?

    Lyreco: I'm fine ty, so let’s start off with a simple question: When did you start with haxball and leagues, and why?

    Nocke: Well, I started playing haxball just like every other person, on pubs. I actually used to play power maps, more specifically 1v1s and 2v2s, I really used to enjoy them ngl. Nowadays obviously, all I play is 4v4 and a couple of 3v3s sometimes. My first league appearance on haxball was in RevoHax I'm pretty sure, in jerix's team, Baby Kicks. I could be wrong, but then again that was like almost two years ago I'm pretty sure.

    Lyreco: Did you have any other names on haxball then only “Nocke”?

    Nocke: When I first started playing haxball, in the first few days, I named myself King. I saw someone else use the name, and so I thought to myself that it was obviously a common name, and so I was thinking up some names, I came up with Nockinho (rofl), but I thought the 'inho' was way too generic, so I was left with Nock. Nock was too simple, so I just added an e. Nocke.

    Lyreco: Funny names you got there! What do you think about eHax returning?

    Nocke: I think it's a nice thing to do, brings back a lot of memories for sure. I wouldn't have thought about starting it back up, but now that someone can care for the server, sustain it, update it and is commited to it is always good to see, so I fully support it.

    Lyreco: True. eHax is starting soon, do you think it’s gonna be succesfull like it was, back in the days?

    Nocke: I've no idea. We'll have to see.

    Lyreco: In season 3 of eHax you won the season with your own team, WANTED. Did you know you were going to win, and if so, what made you think that? Was any player the key of your success?

    Nocke: To be honest, we all played as a team. Me, Skinny, Kratos and the ultimate was probably the best team I could've asked for at that point.

    Lyreco: You’re now captain of Trailer Park Penguins in division 2. Is your team doing a good job? If so how are they doing it?

    Nocke: The entire team is doing a great job, we're 3rd place as of right now, and that's enough for a promotion. I really like this team and the way we're playing, and I expect many great things in the future.

    Lyreco: Last question, what super power would you love to have? And why?

    Nocke: The ability to spunk at any time. Why not

    Lyreco: Do you want to give any of your mates a shoutout?

    Nocke: Yes, Shoutout to jerix, josh 'vance' boyd, skizar, styl, lyreco '4 trocckets' corentin, xsha, flaviu, koekiemonsterx, flashin, yair, che, jelly, hektor, dav, amp, donlokko, roj, jovetic, nub, kratos, skinny, sercan, the ultimate, every somalian out there, somalian 1, somalian 2, somalian 3, aszy and etc, if i missed u dm me

    Lyreco: Ty for taking your time, cya!

    Nocke: Ciao!

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    Re: Interview with Nocke!

    Post by jelly on Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:14 pm

    good job!

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