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    Interview w/ The One and Only FLAVIU!!!



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    Interview w/ The One and Only FLAVIU!!!

    Post by jerix on Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:14 pm

    Goodevening, Flaviu.
    goodevening jerix

    Okay, let's start. Your team FC Bayern finished 3rd place last season, how do you think they'll do this season?
    well i did expect 1st or 2nd position this season. Because we want to participate also next time in the HCL 3X so yeah our main objective is to finish in first 2 positions

    Okay, how do you feel about your team this season? And who are the main players?
    i feel confident about my players. i have to fix a players attitude to listen to my orders as captain (Falcao) but as you see in the squad i got Danny back and he is going to be my main gk , also the rest of the players i will try to give mins to all of my players so expect the rotation squad to be applied by fc bayern this season.

    Grim Reapers (Enemy) won the pre season cup, do you think they'll be the main title contenders?
    yes i think they will fight for the title also in this season and even tho they lost monstah who was the assister of the team they got B4d 4SS who is also a good player and can replace him easily

    Last season we saw Stefan win the golden boot, is there anyone this season who could push for that achievment?
    i do have some confidence in me about it but also in Falcao because now that i have Danny as goalkeeper i can push Falcao on the attack field and he can score alot of goals thats why i have picked him in the 1st round

    There have been a lot of new players joining this season, who do you think will be the 'surprise' of the season?

    well i think Falcao/SuarezN7 will be a good surprise to be honest and im not sayng it because they are playng for my team.. but i have watch them in the other leagues of haxball and i know what they are capable of

    You seem to rate your team a lot, what do you think about the other teams and the players they have drafted?

    i think wanted got stronger now with those new signings they got. I think Meh Squirrel will be a hard team to beat but they will lose focus. I also think Baby Kicks will end lower this season because they lost Flashin but they got Boyd who i can see as a good replacement for them. Dark Angels is a new team so i expect them to finish on 6th , Meh Squierrel on 5th , Baby kicks on 4th , Wanted on 3rd , Babyern/Grim reapers to win the title

    You got to the semifinals in the pre season cup, you lost to Meh Squirrel, how do you feel about it?
    i feel sad because we scored to go in the extra time in the last seconds and i feeled like we can pull a win

    You had a rap battle last night with Aszy/Vak, most people are saying that you lost, do you agree?
    no i think when i joined the rap battle against aszy all chat exploded with e, and 9/11 and when nocke have puted that beat and i start dissing him all people said that aszy got rekted by me so i feel like ive won the only things he have siad was listen with that jamaican accent

    Haha, okay, final question. Who will win player of the season?
    well if its considered by votes i think styl becaus ehe have alot of friends and he i such a nice guy if its considered by the goals i think still him Smile)

    Okay, thanks for being here, Flaviu!
    no problem thanks for having me


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    Re: Interview w/ The One and Only FLAVIU!!!

    Post by Yair on Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:26 pm



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    Re: Interview w/ The One and Only FLAVIU!!!

    Post by Yair on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:20 am


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    Re: Interview w/ The One and Only FLAVIU!!!

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