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    Interview w Nockerinho


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    Interview w Nockerinho

    Post by jerix on Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:23 pm

    Hi, Nocke
    Hello, jerix

    How do you feel your team WANTED will get on this season?
    I really feel like I've built quite a strong team which could possibly be a contender for the title, so for this season, I want us to aim for the title.

    What players do you think will make an impact for your team?
    Most likely vaqq and Hulk, but I wouldn't be surprised if Soul. or Tigré step up big time this season. I'll try to give all of them playtime, so that all of them will have chances of showing that they can do something big for this team.

    The pre season cup just passed, your team came bottom of Poule A, what do you think went wrong?
    Well, to be honest with you, it was the first time me, Hulk, and Tigré played together. Other than that, the goal we somehow conceded in the last 10 seconds. If it wasn't for that, we would've been top. Apart from that, I thought it was a decent performance.

    You recently traded in Danny for vaqq + jelly, do you feel this was a good trade by your part?
    Of course. I feel like vaqq will make a huge impact, and probably help the team even more than Danny. I do feel sad about the fact that I traded him, though. Since we're both two players who tend to play as GKs considerably more, it just felt like his place is not here. I know he is capable of playing outfield, but the dfiference between being capable of playing outfield and playing as a certain role considerably more is quite big. As for jelly, I think we get along quite well. He might not be getting that much playtime, but definitely more than what he would've played at his previous team.

    Stefan made quite an achievement by scoring 31 goals last season, is there any player that could knock down that achievement?
    Apart from himself, I don't really think there is any player. Perhaps Promania, but the chances are small.

    Grim Reapers look to be the favourites for this season, after winning the cup. Do you agree? If not, who else?
    I agree with you, Grim Reapers do look strong and could as well be the favourites to win the season, just like the previous one. However, I've stated that I want to win the league this season, and I really think that my team can do it.

    Who would you say is the weakeast team for the forthcoming season, and why?
    That's a pretty hard question, to be honest. Most people have said that Dark Angels would finish last, so I'll go with the popular opinion - Dark Angels. Even though I've said this, I feel like Flashin' could potentially place quite high up this season. Yair is reliable, but can be unusual at times, and Aszy is a very good player.

    What player do you reckon could be a 'surprise' this season?
    Can., no doubt about it. I have traded him off to Baby Kicks in order to finalise my trading plan, but I admit that it was a mistake to trade him off. Even so, Tigré is an experienced player and can be relied upon, while Can. is quite new, but has lots of potential.

    And finally, who will be player of the season?

    Styl, most likely.

    Thanks for being here!
    No worries, glad to have been here.

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    Re: Interview w Nockerinho

    Post by Yair on Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:26 pm


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