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    Season 3 Preview

    Koekie The Cook

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    Season 3 Preview

    Post by Koekie The Cook on Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:12 pm

    Hi guys, Koekiemonsterx here with the Season 3 Preview, have fun reading !  study


    jerix (c)

    Head-Admin of eHax (jerix) picked and traded a lot of new talented players for babykicks, only his soulmate, aMp (Promania) stayed in Babykicks from last season. They didn’t do that well in the pre-season cup so Promania will need to step up for Babykicks to get a top 3 spot, although it will be pretty hard.

    Main Line-up: jerix-Kirito-aMp
    My prediction: 5th

    Hashtag United

    B4D 4SS (c)

    New Captain of ehax, B4D 4SS picked 2 very solid guys in eHax, jelly and Boyd. Also, B4D picked some new talented players to the league, to help them improve.  Hashtag United is looking very strong at the moment, they won the Pre-Season cup with their controversial playstyle, and in my opinion they can with the league if they go on like this, so keep going B4D, ignore the haters Wink.

    Captain: B4D 4SS
    Main Line-up: Boyd-B4D 4SS-jelly
    My prediction: 1st

    Kinshasa Cassawory’s

    Crowley (c)

    Kinshasa Cassawory’s is also new in this league (replaced Grim Reapers). The team is looking pretty strong on paper. With some famous players like Jesé, Pjanic and Koekiemonsterx (lol). Crowley made a very good trade, what resulted that xSha is in KC, the player of the season from season 2. They have a very attacking playstyle, that means that their defence isn’t as good as other teams. Another thing to point out, Koekiemonsterx will take a break from haxball, so in my opinion they are not the clear favorites for the title.

    Captain: Crowley
    Main Line-up: Jesé-Koekiemonsterx-Deac
    My prediction: 3rd

    Meh Squirrel

    Jovetic (c)

    Jovetic had a pretty good season, he is in my opinion one of the most consistent players of eHax. He picked some good German friends and very experienced players in haxball. Some of them are well known by most people who scroll down the feedme ts page (tsubasa and aprendiz). They will fight for the title and I am looking forward what Jovetic and his team can do. I predict them to be 4th, the synergy is pretty good, but they will lose against the top teams.

    Captain: Jovetic
    Main Line-Up: Tsubasa-Jovetic-Jan
    My prediction: 4th


    Coretin Tolisso (c)
    Ultimate Stars

    Coretin Tolisso drafted/traded some good friends of him, and the team is pretty solid. But I just think that this team needs some time so they can develop. In season 4 Coretin and his friends will probably do much better, and I am looking forward for that, but this season, I don’t expect much of them.

    Captain: Coretin Tolisso
    Main Line-Up: Ultimate Stars-Nub(if he comes online)- Tigré
    My prediction: 6th


    Nocke (c)
    ★тнє υℓтιмαтє★

    Last season Nocke's team Wanted almost won the title. It was pretty sad. I believe that Nocke and his team will even try harder to win the league. I’m pretty interested how WANTED’S lineup will be. In my opinion Nocke should still be the main gk for the team, but in the pressncup we saw him more as midfielder. I think that they can be clear contenders for the title, but in the end, I don’t see them winning.

    Captain: Nocke
    Main Line-Up: The Ultimate-Nocke-Skinny
    My prediction: 2nd

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    Re: Season 3 Preview

    Post by xSha on Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:15 pm

    gj slave


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    Re: Season 3 Preview

    Post by Skizar on Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:36 pm

    lets all use 3 gk vs # or 2 gk so we can piss em off duck B4D THE HOES . THEY ARE NOT LOYAL HUHUHUNHU WITH THE BIG FAT ASSES AND CHEWY PUSSY


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    Re: Season 3 Preview

    Post by jerix on Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:40 pm

    good preview

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    Re: Season 3 Preview

    Post by jelly on Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:47 pm

    well done Koek very nice

    B4D 4SS

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    Re: Season 3 Preview

    Post by B4D 4SS on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:37 pm

    +helal nice preview, captain quotes of each team wud be good too for next time

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    Re: Season 3 Preview

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