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    Interviewing xSha!


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    Interviewing xSha! Empty Interviewing xSha!

    Post by Nocke on Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:30 pm

    Nocke: Good evening, xSha.
    xSha: Good evening Nocke.

    Nocke: How are you?
    xSha: I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. How about you?

    Nocke: Good, good. Now, on with the questions. The first question that everyone gets asked of course - how did you come across haxball, what were your first nicknames and what special moments, if you had any, do you recall from your early stages of haxball?
    xSha: I started haxball back in 2014. I was skyping with a friend of mine, we were bored and he asked if I wanted to play haxball. I tried it out and it was pretty fun (Shoutout naar Anish vdb). The first few months that I played haxball, I played under the name TimonP22. A few months after I started, during the summer break, I found out that leagues existed in this game. I signed up as a free agent on the Feed Me HaxBall site and kept checking if I got an offer or not (I wasn't very smart back then). I then decided to host a room called "Searching FM Team". Out of all people, the precious Logitech decided to join my room and introduced me to BeNeLiga, an old 3v3 league. I then got to know people like Koekiemonsterx, Jovetic, Jesé etc. I decided to teak a long break from haxball somewhere at the end of 2015 or the begin of 2016. I came back to haxball in september 2016, signing up to the Premhax draft. I didn't expect to get signed at all, so Swift picking me for his team surprised me a lot. I improved my positioning a lot in Team Swift, so I'm thankful to them.
    I played my first match for Team NL in the last Big Easy Nations Cup against Turkey. Ahmed wasn't able to play so I randomly got thrown in the field by Hulk. I didn't feel ready at all, but atleast playing that match helped me to stay calm before every game. We lost the game by 4-2, but I scored a goal which is nice I guess. I also remember watching the intro of HaxBall Champions League, thinking it would be absolutely impossible to reach that level someday, but I think I can reach it if I continue playing the way I'm playing now.

    Nocke: That's very interesting. I started playing haxball around september 2016, so that's intriguing. Moving on - how'd you do in that PremHax season? Did you play at all?
    xSha: If I recall correctly, I only played around 4 games at most, as Team Swift were battling for the championship. Swift already told me I'd probably get no playing time when he signed me, but he still let me play some games so I'm thankful for that. For me, it wasn't about playing in officials, but just about improving by playing with my team. Even though Team Swift didn't end up winning Premhax, I'm happy that I had the chance to improve a bit right after I came back to haxball.

    Nocke: I see. Do you play any other games besides haxball?
    xSha: At the moment I don't, but I plan on playing games like BattleField in the future.

    Nocke: Nice! I don't play it myself, but it seems like a decent series of games from what I've heard. Anyways, what is your main goal in haxball right now?
    xSha: My main goal right now is promoting with TPP and winning individual awards so I have a feeling that I did 'well' and get motivated more for the future. My goal for next season would be to do well in division 1 and grow out to a striker that every team could use. I don't have any plans on playing HCL at the moment.

    Nocke: We're definitely promoting this season, 100%. What do you think about the Dutch National Haxball team? Do you think you'd be one of the main stars if a team of the currently playing players was to be created, and who do you think are the Dutch players that stand out?
    xSha: When we played in the Big Easy Nations cup we did very well. We even reached the finals, losing against Turkey unfortunately. Perhaps I shouldn't say 'we', as the lineup was kind of the same throughout the tournament: Dereh/Ahmed - Hulk - Chro - Stefan. But looking at things as they are now, I'm not really sure how we'll do in the future. Dereh and Ahmed won't play in the next Nations Cup I think, and I don't know how Chro's thinking about things. Hulk has also said a few times that he would quit Haxball. The only person who will play in the next Nations Cup for sure is Stefan. Many players who stood out  have already decided to stop playing haxball, like Flaqh, Efecan and Gokhan, so I'm not really sure what the lineup for the next Nations Cup would be.
    I also think I have to improve a lot before I'm able to call myself the main star of any team. Many players who stood out -> Talents who stood out.

    Nocke: Alright, what do you think about eHax becoming a thing again?
    xSha: It brings back some fun memories, so I hope it will be a success!

    Nocke: Alright, last question - by how many goals are we gonna beat Bullets on the last FM matchday?
    xSha: 8-1.

    Nocke: Nice, gonna remember that one! Interesting answers xSha, see ya!
    xSha: Thanks for having me, bye

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    Interviewing xSha! Empty Re: Interviewing xSha!

    Post by halilovic on Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:44 am

    i miss skash and rambo and koekieeeee

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